Hi there and welcome to Yip & Yanneke, it is owned by myself Chané Theron and Marina Prinsloo, who are two moms from a very small town in the Eastern Freestate called Memel. 


I am mom to a beautiful boy, named Louis and 

Marina is the mom of two beautiful girls named Marnell and Nathalie. 


Yip & Yanneke is our mutual love for kids and education. 


It all started when I spent time with my niece on the farm..whilst she pretended that she was a Doctor and Pharmacist dispensing medicine.. it immediately sparked an idea of pretend/ imaginary play. I remember clearly that she even took my "fever"... I loved pretending that I was the sick patient waiting patiently for the Doctor to consult me.. after the consultation she referred me to the pharmacist to collect my script. She then imagined herself being the Pharmacist and within a few seconds she was getting my script ready with the perfect dose of leaves and acorns. I really enjoyed playing along, whilst observing her play. Getting to experience it first hand was such a great feeling taking me back many years.. one of my childhood memories came back was playing shop with my late gran, who built us a dollhouse where we use to drink tea, shop, and play like only we could.. it truly was the best times! 


I kept thinking about my idea of making something 'real' for pretend play when I realised that I do not have the practical knowledge of sewing. I could not think of anyone other than Marina to share this idea and concept with, Marina also loves creating things and she had the practical knowledge I needed. 


I approached Marina, and she was just as excited as I was to start.  We immediately set updates to draw patterns, plan our way forward and design our products.  To be honest it took quite a few tries before we were completely satisfied with the outcome. 


And of course, we could not wait to name our business.. we knew that we wanted our name to be unique and catchy, and wanted it to be ‘boy and girl themed .. almost like the very well know Hansel and Gretel, so we took that to be our inspiration and began reminiscing about fairy tales and our childhood stories and got the perfect name Yip&Yanneke. Marina is from Dutch inheritance hence the Dutch influence in our name. 


Marina has been an absolute champ in creating what we call our beautiful products, she has even now taught me how to sew and I must admit that we are VERY excited to bring you many new products in the future.! 


How is Imaginary Play educational...? Well here are some of the benefits of

Imaginary/pretend play. It improves and develops:

- Gross & Fine motor skills 

- Hand-eye coordination 

- Problem Solving 

- Communication & language 

- Social development 

- Early math skills

- Colour recognition 

- Organising

All our products and themes are based on the above benefits. Contact us or see the information on the Imaginary play tab on our website if you would like to know more.